Monday, 20 July 2009

Another way to work

Recent heavy rains and light traffic prompted me to cycle into work along ul. Puławska, Poland's longest street. Despite its length and importance, cycle provision is poor. There's only a kilometre and half of cycle path (between ul. Idzikowskiego and Dolna). Above: The cycle path comes to an end and deposits you on Puławska again.

Above: as it approaches the town centre, Puławska is has provision for six lanes of traffic and two tram lines. Yet pedestrians get less than the width of a car to pass by, along what is a busy shopping street. A cycle path here? Forget it! Where would those motorists park?

As it customary at this time of year, my main concern cycling home was to outrun the encroaching thunderstorm, the clouds busily building up throughout the day. Again I managed. Above: The corner of Puławska and ul. Karczunkowska. Half an hour later, the heavens opened.

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