Friday, 3 July 2009

Another trip to Czachówek

Friday evening and a trip to the shops to buy a paper and a bag of crisps. The railway station is temptingly near... hell, here comes a southbound train. Leap on, buy ticket to Czachówek Południowy (above), return. Eleven zlotys, just over two quid there and back. And when I get there, two hours to stroll around some lovely Polish summer countryside.

And what could be more quintessentially rural Poland than the scene above? A narrow path, a wooden fence - that Polish lovely word 'opłotki' - a lane running between fences or hedges - a white painted cottage, a cherry tree full of ripe fruit, clear blue skies, yet lots of vivid greens for the time of year.

Trains terminating at Czachówek Południowy use this canopied platform (above) to the north of the through-train platforms.

I've mentioned in previous posts the junction layout at Czachówek, where two lines cross. There are four spurs running off the main lines to connect them. The two northern spurs running north-east and north-west are in daily use; the south-western one rarely, but the south-eastern spur is evidently not used at all. Despite that, PKP is still using electricity to light signals on this spur line (something I've also observed on the unused line at Tymbark). Above: A Warsaw-bound Koleje Mazowieckie train between Czachówek Południowy and Czachówek Górny on the main line. The photo was taken from the spur - as you can see, it's totally overgrown.

Above: The concrete sleepers on the south-east spur have been smashed, apparently by accident. Trains cannot use a line in this state. Signalling is still operational, though, at both ends of the spur. A case of one hand not knowing what the other is doing.

And back to Czachówek Płd. for the train home. Strong sunlight from a midsummer sun just before dusk nicely illuminates the facade of the ticket office and waiting room (above).

This time last year:
Piccadilly Circus - mapa mundi

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