Tuesday, 14 July 2009

At the interstices of Warsaw

Along the footpath and under the overpass; up the steps and over the road; beyond the intersection to the bus stop; by bus to the Metro. The path is wide and empty, the river flows beside, the roads roar past and over and under.

Between the river and the landmarks and the public places and spaces are the pass-through places that figure not in guidebook or mind; the interstices, joining/dividing yet overlooked in their own right, with their own klimat.

Down in the tube station at midnight... Warsaw feels a safe city, a perception borne out by statistics.

At bus terminus, with torch at timetable: when's my bus?

Below: I've often wondered what Kabaty was like in the 1920s. Crazy jazz among the farmsteads, I expect. Warsaw's public authority, ZTM, has a bus that will take you there. I'd quite fancy a bus ride to 1960s Hanwell, West London; if only TfL had the same degree of imagination...


Pawel said...

love the 1920s bus! What a great idea! :D

Michael Dembinski said...

If the 1920s aren't your bag, you can visit Kabaty in the 1790s.

You can also take a bus back to 1890s Górczewska for some fin-de-siecle gaity, to 1640s Bernadyska for Potop-style action, to 1370s Dudziarska (take care- bubonic plague still rife!)

Pawel said...


Mhmm Do they have I something taking to the future... 2050s maybe?:)