Saturday, 9 July 2011

Maddening Łopień

It's not the highest mountain of the Beskid Wyspowy - but it's the closest to our base in Dobra, so we've walked up, around, over, and by Łopień (968m above sea level) more than any other mountain. The trouble is, it's nigh-impossible to navigate. I've yet to make it up from the bottom to the top and down again as I'd like to. Once again today we got lost on Łopień.

Above: from left: Zosia, Sabina and Eddie. We've set off along the green tourist trail (zielony szlak turystyczny) that runs from the DK 28 in Dobra. All looks straightforward here.

Left: Still easy going - the waymarks are clearly displayed, the path winds ever higher. But once we reach the top of this plateau, we're lost. Which way is Jurków? There is actually no marked trail down. One choice is a getting down to Śmigły-Rydz pass - but we don't want to go there. Too far back to Dobra. So, reluctantly, we decide to come back exactly the same way we came up (not something I like doing).

At the top, we meet a hiker looking for the caves that run under the top of the plateau. We know they're there - but they are not signed properly. I think that a handheld GPS is the only real answer to conquering Łopień.

Above: We spend some time looking around the plateau for the vantage point. In the distance - Mogielica - which Eddie and I visited yesterday. The vantage point at the top of Łopień is there, I've been there before - it's just that this time we can't find it.

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Michael - I will lend you my compass any time you would like to use it!

Enjoy the balance of your travel.