Monday, 18 July 2011

Along the Vistula's right bank, heading north

I mentioned (here) the new footpath/cyclepath opened earlier this season by the city authorities. Sunday - beautiful weather at last after a week where it rained every day - was a good time to check it out from its southern end (it starts north of the Most Łazienkowski bridge just past the Wisełka rowing club) and continues along the Vistula as far as Most Grota-Roweckiego bridge. Below: an urban beach, to the north of Most Poniatowskiego, near the new stadium.

The route crosses under five of Warsaw's seven (soon to be eight) bridges. Left: approaching Most Śląsko-Dąbrowski. The quality of the path is generally very good - I was expecting that after a week of heavy rains (July is Warsaw's wettest month), the paths would be sodden with water - not a bit of it. Mr Engineer has taken care to it that the path would adequately drain off all surface water. A good surface to ride over.

Below: the combined footpath/cyclepath is not designed for high-speed bike riding; it can be quite congested around the central area between Most Poniatowskiego and Śląsko-Dąbrowski bridges, especially on sunny weekends.

Right: towards the northern end of the cycle path: in the distance, we can see the chimneys and buildings of the Żerań power station, across the road that is carried across the Vistula by the Grota-Roweckiego bridge, where the path officially ends. Beautiful riverbank meadowland; flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, no mosquitoes, midges or horseflies, and not wet. A felicitous spot to take a break.

Below: the city transport authority ZTM, operates the 'river tram' (seen mid-stream) and a ferry that runs parallel to the Most Łazienkowski. Information for river tram here and for ferries here. Note - the services are capricious and may be called off at a moment's notice.

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