Monday, 4 July 2011

Marmite XO makes it to Warsaw

I wrote recently about Marmite, the 'love-it-or-hate-it' spread that most British children grew up on. Mr N. Marsh of Kent asked whether I'd tried Marmite XO (the Extra Old, fully matured, full strength version). Not having been Kingdom-side since Christmas, I hadn't. Now, I have. Kuchnie Świata have started selling it (45 zlotys or £10.00 for a 250g jar). Right: Eddie anticipating his first taste of the stuff. The mark-up is ferocious; Tesco in the UK charges £3.99 for the same product.

Still, the question is - how good is it? Worth the premium? (in the UK, 'standard' or 'classic' in marketing-speak Marmite costs £2.68 for 250g). Well, in a blind tasting, both Dad and Lad could tell the difference - the XO was sharper, tangier, more mmmhhyyyy*... than the original.

Forty-five zeds a bit steep however; £3.99 is a fair price - I guess there's some arbitraging to be done all you frequent UK-PL flyers... If you love Marmite, you'll not be disappointed by the XO version.

Below: for all my Polish readers unaware of the savoury brown spread - here's Moni (16 years ago) on the Marmite. A reaction shot. Note elbow embedded in a second slice of toast. The growing-up spread indeed.

A propos of Moni, for those I've not shared the news with yet, she made it into Łódź Film School, something of which I'm inordinately proud.

* I have it on the highest authority that it's three 'm's, two 'h's and four 'ys'.

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Paddy said...

Many congratulations on your daughter making it to the Lodz Film School. May she follow in the steps of the other famous film directors that have studied there.

There are only a few products which make my mouth water in anticipation/memory and Marmite is one of them, despite not having eaten it for years and years. I imagine this XO to be rather like Guinness Foreign Extra stout, but for 45 zinzillas I am not sure I want to find out. Still, great product.

Another tangy product, Worcestershire sauce, is also popular among many students I teach - thought delicious despite being completely unpronounceable to the Slavic tongue.

Michael Dembinski said...

"Łustersir sołs", no?