Friday, 16 December 2011

New platform at W-wa Służewiec

The new timetables, introduced last Sunday have (as far as I can see) produced one major change for Jeziorki's rail-using classes: Koleje Mazowieckie's double-decker trains no longer stop there. So to avoid being carted off to Nowa Iwiczna (and outside Warsaw's fare zone), I changed trains at W-wa Służewiec and waited 15 minutes for an all-stations to Skarzysko Kamienna service.

While waiting, I noticed that the station is still restricted to one working platform for both up- and down- services, though it's now the new line that's operational (to the west of the old one), while the old line and platform are both being refurbished (below).

Overhead, the ongoing roadworks at the Węzeł Marynarska, with the sliproad from the airport joining ul. Marynska crossing above the tracks.

Once the 'down' platform is completed, trains running and and out of Warsaw will have their own tracks, and a significant bottleneck on the Radom line will have been eased.

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student SGH said...

Took the train to town on Friday for the first time since September. I was out of luck to miss the 7:43 and had to stroll back and forth to catch the next one, due at 8:27, which came seven minutes late. New timetable is a big mistake, trains are still unreliable and crowded, the journey from home to work lasting over two hours (jinx) has put me off my idea to give up the car in the spring. After the next visit to the petrol station I'll change my mind again.

Anyway, I watched the progress on S2/S79 construction sites and the stride made over last 3 months is impressive. Nevertheless, they won't make it before Euro 2012, but from what I saw on Skyscrapercity, A2 motorway might be opened by then. I'd like to have it completed by August (driving to Łódź for a wedding then).