Saturday, 17 December 2011

Ul. Trombity: a step closer to dry feet?

All morning, there's been a shuttle of heavy dumper lorries driving down ul. Trombity, so I thought it's worth seeing what's going on. It looks like that spur off our road, known as 'Trombity A-to-N' (below) is finally going to get a decent surface. The inhabitants of this stretch have often been under water whenever it floods a bit. And even modest precipitation turns this low-lying stretch of road into a muddy bog.

Above: looking east along ul. Trombity 24 A to N; amazing that this 280m long no-through-road does not have its own name. There are 14 houses on it at present and several vacant plots.

Above: looking south along ul. Trombity; one dumper pulls out, while three more wait in turn (below) to drop their loads on to Trombity 24 A to N.

Things look no better on the spur off ul. Trombity towards ul. Dumki. Again, the houses at the end have been cut off from the outside world whenever there have been heavy rains. Some building materials by the side of the 'road' suggest that an upgrade can be expected here too.

The real answer - apart from laying down proper asphalt - is extensive drainage of this area so that excess rainwater can run down to the Vistula instead of threatening residential real estate around these parts.

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Anonymous said...

End of entitlement talk? Yeah, sure...

Michael Dembinski said...

Anon - my response to your previous comment did not show up. Anyway - public transport - I'm happy to pay much more. It's too cheap. I'm happy to sacrifice two lanes of Puławska for buspasy. I'm happy to pay 100 zł a month for access to proper drains. And I'd guess that the residents of Trombity 24 A to N put their hands into their own pockets for the work (done by a private contractor).