Monday, 19 March 2012

Scrub fire, Jeziorki

As I got off the 209 bus, I could see dozens of blue lights flashing in the cool Jeziorki dusk. I strolled up Karczunkowska to see no fewer than six fire engines plus attendant fire service vehicles. Obviously a serious conflagration. The firemen, both from town (with Solidarność banners on their vehicles) and from the volunteer fire brigade at Nowa Wola (without banners), were wrapping up their hoses and getting ready to go. Below: some of the fire engines.

What had happened? Tomek Daniecki sent me a photo his daughter Misia took on her mobile phone about 40 minutes earlier. Apparently, someone had carelessly made a bonfire in the fields between Karczunkowska and Nawłocka, which had spread out of control through the tinder-dry scrub, fanned by strong hat-removing winds.

Above: the blaze looks serious - getting right up to the walls of houses. Still, despite the distance from the hydrants along the main road, the firemen had the fire extinguished efficiently.

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