Saturday, 10 March 2012

Ul. Profesorska after the remont

Regular readers may recall ul. Profesorska in Powiśle (photographed here two years ago before its refurbishment/ renovation/ restoration or simply remont). There's a new gate, and the characteristic pre-war enamelled street-name sign has been faithfully recreated.

Here they are right, for comparison. One can see a reasonably high degree of fidelity, though that white border looks non-original and the typeface is not 100%, but in general I'm delighted that it's not gone the way of so many other pre-war street-name signs.

Left: the gate is unlocked so let's step through and walk down the refurbished steps, down the skarpa, and see what else is new...

I like Warsaw's steps; unusual features in a flat town whose contours are broken up only by the Vistula escarpment, which runs along the left (west) bank of the river.

Profesorska takes you from 98m above sea level (at the ul. Myśliwiecka end) to 88m (at the Hoene-Wroński end). The steepest part, the steps, lose 5m in altitude in just 20m.

Right: the building at the bottom of the steps has has a tasteful remont too. The current Google Earth image of this building, taken on 1 April 2011, shows the roof under canvas (copy and paste the grid reference into the 'Fly to' search box 52°13'27.21"N, 21° 1'57.51"E. And turn '3D buildings' on!

Below: looking up Profesorska, one can see the quality of the restoration work.

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Anonymous said...

third photo down on this entry - a masterpiece! that wonderful woven intricate shadowplay.

Frater Boxencoxen