Sunday, 25 March 2012

Views of - and from - a bridge

Well, here they are, snaps taken on and around Most Północny, just a few hours after it was opened to traffic. Yet the 1.15 billion zloty bridge is not finished. Indeed, the main road has been opened, not all the slip roads are finished, the tram bridge is still a long way from completion, the cycle- and foot path alongside the tram line is also a work in progress.

looking east along the bridge towards Białołęka. Note the flags - along with the red-and-white national flags and the EU flags - the yellow-and-red of Warsaw.

Still, it's churlish to harp on about what's ready and what's not - the key thing is that another major piece of transport infrastructure has been built and is starting to be used. While tens of thousands of people turned up last night for the fireworks, this afternoon, traffic was light, local sightseers rather than transit.

Above: We are a long way from the centre of town. In the middle distance, the road lights of the S7 - the main Gdańsk-Warsaw road as it enters the capital from the north as the Wisłostrada, beyond that, the Las Bielański, and on the horizon - the city centre.

Above - the turn-off for the north, on the Bielany side of the river. Note the pristine acoustic screens - how long before they're covered in unsightly graffiti?

Above: tram loop, which is yet to take trams onto the bridge. Below: tram line, which will take trams across to Młociny. And at Młociny, a magnificent multi-mode transport hub - trams, buses, Metro and Park+Ride.

A sunny afternoon, though with a cold wind blowing down from the north; below the bridge, the Vistula itself was choppy.

And now that northern Warsaw's river crossing needs have been satisfied, it's time for the city authorities to turn to the issue of the southern bridge - which one day must take the S2 across the Vistula, linking ul. Puławska with the road the Moscow.

This time last year:
Crossing another Vistula bridge on foot
[25 March evidently attracts this activity!]

This time three years ago:
Look at the snow! LOOK AT THE SNOW!

This time four years ago:
Summing up at the end of Lent
[I see I'd reduced my blood pressure then from 142/93 to 133/89 and pulse from 102 to 70. This year, my blood pressure is averaging 122/81, pulse 69. Getting fitter!]

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