Monday, 26 March 2012

Sunset shots, year's first cycle to work

Now that the clocks have gone forward and there's an hour's extra light in the evening, it's high time to get the bicycle out of the garage and cycle to work. Well, part of the way - too much to do the whole thing in one go, so I let the tram do the bits without cycle paths - Wyścigi to Pl. Konstytucji. 20km is not a bad run for the first ride to work of the year... On the way home, I divert down what will be the Moscow-Berlin expressway (Warsaw's southern bypass). The sun is setting - time for photos. Click to enlarge.

Above: looking towards Berlin, 600km to the west. Below: looking towards Moscow, 1,200km to the east. The same bridge in both photos - the viaduct carrying ul. Poloneza over the S2.

Below: looking westwards along the railway line that connects the Warsaw Metro with the outside world. Note the weird shadow within the lens, reflecting the triangular warning sign upside down just beneath it.

This time last year:
I wake up to more snow

This time two years ago:
Poland's trains ran faster before the war

This time three years ago:
Winter in spring: surely this must be the last snow?

This time four years ago:
Surely THIS must be the last snow?


Rose said...

Hi Michael,

It makes me laugh looking at your history of posts from the last four years- apparently we're having a very temperate spring since it seems to have snowed every year at this time! I love your springtime photos- the light is lovely, made more so by the long wait...



Chris said...

Cool pictures - especially that triangle sign. I really like the extra hour of daylight too, makes such a huge difference especially for the ride home. I commute on a folding bike, and in the winter, I usually take it home on the bus with me. Now that it's light a little later, I'm riding both ways.