Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Definitely better in Britain

...The electricity, that is. Behold the British three-pin plug. Reassuringly solid compared to the wobbly two-pin Continental system. Note 1) three, square, pins, which fit squarely and securely into three, square, sockets. Note 2) the fact the socket mounting is screwed into the wall with a pair of Phillips-head screws. Not loosely pushed in to wobble about freely. Note 3) the on-off switches. You don't need to pull the plug out of the wall to cut the flow of electricity to the appliance - merely switching it off will do the trick.

Some years back, the European Commission made a futile (and indeed spurious) attempt to get the British to change their electrical system to the Continental two round-pin one - and failed. For the British system is clearly superior. (Unlike British bread or plumbing...)

I don't have statistics comparing household fires in the UK and across Continental Europe, but I dare say that  conflagrations started by faulty wiring are less prevalent in Britain. (Note the sticker on the UK plug showing that it has passed its safety test... How many Polish hotels can boast this?)

When coming to the UK, you'll need a travel plug/adaptor. At Okęcie airport they charge 69 zlotys for one - don't buy this! Any reasonable gift shop in London will sell you one for five pounds - and in Poundland or some equivalent shop, you'll find a three-pack of adaptors for a pound.

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sportif said...

3-pinowa wtyczka zawsze jest lepsza od 2-pinowej (lepszy kontakt, ciaśniej siedzi). Kilka razy przy próbie wyjęcia wtyczki wyrwałem razem z gniazdkiem z miękkiej angielskiej ściany