Monday, 9 April 2012

What's new along the S2-S79?

Not a whole lot - probably the rail bridge works are the most significant development - but let's start at W-wa Okęcie and head south along ul. Wirażowa. Below: the station's to the right, the airport to the left. Ahead of me, still asphalt-free, is where the S79 will go, up towards Służewiec and the junction with ul. Marynarska. Above, the road viaduct leading from the S79 to the airport.

Below: to the left, freight sidings - coal trains and oil cisters. Then, the main Warsaw-Radom line, a local train heading south. To the right, the S79. The low street lights indicate that this is where Runway 11/29 points - the less-often used, shorter runway for when planes land over Ursynów.

Below: A section of the new railway viaduct over the S2 awaits the construction of the bridge supports. To do so, the railway will be closed, line by line.

Right: the non-electrified coal line has been diverted onto the mail line while the first of the three bridges is being built. This will not be as disruptive as you might think - there are fewer coal trains shuttling from Okęcie sidings to Siekierki power station in summer, and they are shorter. But they are slow-moving, especially when setting off full. Passenger trains slow down for this section. Below: an Interregio express from Kielce to Warsaw - the first time I've seen the new rolling stock on this line.

Above: a current boon to aircraft spotters is the mound of soil at the end of Runway 15/33, giving several metres extra height and a superior view.

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