Saturday, 21 April 2012

Measuring up: Hołubcowa Bis

They are here, measuring up. Marker posts, sprayed orange, setting out where the new road, Hołubcowa Bis, will run. I wrote about this nearly three years ago; it now seems that the first steps are being taken. Surveyors have been moving about the land, placing their markers. In itself, this does not mean that roadworks are imminent. Back in January 2009, I observed similar markers being laid down along ul. Karczunkowska; I was expecting pavements along its length - to this day, they are still merely a dream of local residents.

Left: Looking south from the pedestrian railway crossing at ul. Kórnicka. On the ground, a fluorescent marker post. Several more are set out between here and ul. Karczunkowska. Question is - how long will it be before this pastoral scene becomes a suburban asphalted road. On the one hand, it will relieve ul. Trombity during the morning rush hour. On the other, some of our countryside will vanish for good, subsumed to the needs of the motorist. And the roadworks themselves, once started, seem to take forever.

Right: looking south towards ul. Kórnicka. Bearing in mind what's going on around Węzeł Lotnisko and ul. Poloneza - it's been well over three years since work started on the S2/S79, and still no sign that it will be completed at any time soon. Once they start - jeden wielki bałagan, Panie, rozbabranie terenu. So - hope for swift start and swift completion? Or that the urzędnicy never actually get round to doing what they planned? Tak źle, i tak nie dobrze. (Yes bad, and yes no good.)

Above: image from Google Earth (turned clockwise to fit - so North is to the right) onto which I've superimposed the planned route of Hołubcowa Bis. Click to enlarge. One engineering problem the roadmakers will have to face is the fact that between ul. Kórnicka and ul. Baletowa, the railway tracks are some two metres above the low-lying and flood-prone land; the roadway will have to be raised to the level of the tracks, and cross two drainage ditches.

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One remark - north is on the right of the last photo.

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Michael Dembinski said...

@ Neighbour

Quite right - many thanks for pointing it out - fixed! :)