Monday, 2 April 2012

More Edinburgh shots

As promised, some more Edinburgh photos. A city whose architectural splendour calls for a long lens as well as a wide lens to zoom in on fragments and display broad vistas.

Above: looking across towards Edinburgh Castle from Market Street.

Above: Her Majesty's Register House on Princes Street.

Above: The top end of Cockburn Street, looking down towards Waverley Station, from the High Street.

Edinburgh's skyline; amid the flags, Queen Victoria reigns over her loyal Scottish subjects.

Above: a comparison from a favourite book from my childhood (and indeed Eddie and Moni's childhood) - This is Edinburgh, by Miroslav Šašek. I stood on the bridge over the railway line and immediately it came back to me - here is Šašek's illustration and my photo side by side. The trees have somewhat grown into the view since the book was published in 1961.

More Edinburgh photos to follow!

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