Monday, 30 April 2012

So good to be back in Warsaw

On Sunday morning, I drew back my curtains and beheld a clear blue sky, a garden in full bloom, with cherry and apple blossom, set against green fields... what a contrast to the unmitigated dismalness of England last week (with the exception of Thursday evening, when a few hours of sunshine lifted the gloom).

Arriving at Okęcie airport on Saturday night was an experience. Flying in dressed in sweater and heavy leather jacket, I emerged via the sleeve into the arrivals terminal thinking that someone had failed to switch off the heating. The thermal contrast from London's damp 8C to Warsaw's 24C (at 10pm!) was a shock to the mind as well as to the body..

You poor Londoners! I'm looking at the BBC's weather website right now. Thursday's high will be 10C, the low will be 7C. Warsaw? High 25C, low 16C. Warsaw's all in bloom, it's splendid looking at the trees full of white and pink flowers against a blue sky. London's blooms are all bedraggled, sodden, ripped from the trees by wet winds and trampled underfoot. Warsaw's air is hot and dry - no mosquitoes - this is perfect weather for me.

But wait a minute - it's not always like this - last year, Warsaw had snow on 3 May.

I am generalising. I have to generalise. I blog, therefore I generalise. The climate in Warsaw is drier and sunnier than London's, and that's one reason why I'm happy to be living here.

It's not humid, the sky is perfectly azure; put on your aviator shades, leave your coat and your jacket at home, you are free - free from the restrictions of intemperate climes, free to wear a T-shirt and shorts - this is summertime, and the living is indeed easy.

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