Sunday, 22 July 2012

Beach day, Llyn Peninsula

The weather was clement, the sun sparkling on the restless sea, though thin cloud stretching from the south-west to the north-east covered much of the Llyn today. Still, time to meet up with my brother and his family and head off to the beach.

Above: view of Cardigan Bay from garden of the house my brother's renting. Across the bay, the Cambrian Coast and somewhere out there, Aberystwyth. In the morning, we visited Porth Neigwl (or Hell's Mouth in English - notorious for shipwrecks). The wind was blowing up from the east, many surfers turned up to catch a wave (though very few could do this standing up). Sadly, it was somewhere on this beach that I lost my beloved Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses.

In the afternoon, we visited Porth Ceriad (below), a fine sandy beach to the south of Abersoch, one which is surprisingly little-known and quiet compared to Porth Neigwl (which saw vast amounts of traffic this morning - the car park spilled out onto the winding roads behind it).

At the western end of Porth Ceriad beach you will find steep cliffs running down from around 80m steeply into the sea. A waterfall cascades over the layers of sedimentary rock that tilt dramatically towards the water's edge.

The tide was coming in, but still there was plenty of time to go exploring with Eddie and his Cousin Hoavis. We made our way over the wet sands around the headland to see the impressive rock formations beyond.

There are some caves worth looking into...

And out of...

In the meanwhile, the weather changed; by the time Eddie and I returned to go to Penrhos for our evening stroll, it had started to drizzle. Let's hope the sunshine returns tomorrow.

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Down with cars in city centres!

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8am and 26C already


Anonymous said...

Glad you are having a clement time in Wales.

Just returned from a very fine week in Teignmouth. Fine breezes accompanied a hearty sun which fed the inner man with happiness.

Frater Dawlish Warren

Anonymous said...

Intrigued by your nephew's name: "Hoavis" I have never encountered it before. Is it a family name? Glad the weather is cooperating and you're having a wonderful time.