Saturday, 21 July 2012

Off to Wales

Eddie and I are setting off from my parents' house in West Ealing, headed for Penrhos on the Llyn Peninsula. It's our first visit there for five years (click here to see posts from our last holiday here in 2007).

The weather will remain iffy, so we're not expecting glorious sunshine; we'll be happy if it doesn't rain too much. We drive up in a hired Hyundai i10, a car smaller than the Yaris, it should be more economical on the fuel. In Wales we'll be meeting up with my brother and his family.

I don't know what internet access will look like (last time I had to pop into the public library in Pwllheli to get on line), so no guarantee of fresh posts. Back in London on Saturday 28 August.

UPDATE: Saturday evening, we've reached Penrhos, the BT Fon wifi coverage is better than in West Ealing, the sun is shining. The Hyundai i10 has proved a feisty little mover, nippier than the Yaris - and thrifty too - the quarter tank that came with it in driving off from EasyRent lasted all the way from Luton Airport via West Ealing to Telford on the M54 - about 175 miles.

This time two years ago:
Farewell to Dobra


Anonymous said...

Michael - check out this place in Crickhowell. Spent a weekend there when I was living in the UK:


Michael Dembinski said...

Bob - I know the Bear well - many's the time I visited Crickhowell in the 80s and 90s - lovely place, great hill-walking in the Breckon Beacons.

Bit too far for a day trip from the Llyn Peninsula though :)