Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Latest aerial photos of S2 progress

A business flight to Gdańsk and back gives me the chance to get some aerial photos of progress (or lack thereof) on the 'Elka' - S79-S2 expressways running to the south-west of Warsaw.

looking along ul. Poloneza, the viaduct to nowhere. Just to the right of the photo, the road peters out into a dirt track. In any case, the city roads department (ZDM) has blocked it off at either end to prevent anyone from using it.

The great big hole in the S2, west of the Poloneza viaduct, has been filled in and asphalted - marks for that. The two junctions at either end, Węzeł Lotnisko and Węzeł Puławska, are far from ready, as I've mentioned recently.

Below: Węzeł Lotnisko, looking west, where the S2 intersects the S79. The southbound carriageways of the latter then stop dead in the middle of a field. No immediate plans to extend.

Left: looking west along the S2 towards Węzeł Puławska, ul. Poloneza in the foreground. It looks as though the main focus of the work is to maintain smooth traffic flow along ul. Puławska; enthusiasm for finishing the job has evaporated.

Below: looking down onto Węzeł Puławska. The prospects of an eastern extension of the S2 in the foreseeable future look bleak.

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