Saturday, 4 May 2013

Classic Jeziorki

Let's forget about politics, religion, biology and philosophy for a while and take a walk to the end of ul. Trombity, cross the railway tracks to catch that Jeziorki klimat, that mid-spring atmosphere that made me want to blog about my home suburb in the first place. The trees all seem to be in bloom. Below: ul. Kórnicka - the section between ul. Trombity and the railway, which is a footpath rather than a street.

Below: a Koleje Mazowieckie EN57 three-car set heading into town, the KM livery of green, white and yellow reflecting the colours of the landscape.

Below: across the tracks. A little spring rain and the fields are in flood. A KM train heads south towards Piaseczno and Radom. Further away from the railway line, and the air is full of the sound of skylarks' song. So many, indeed, that I'm wondering whether such numbers are sustainable.

The closure for the whole summer of Okęcie airport's Runway 15/33 for maintenance means  that planes are now using Runway 11/27, and fly in from over Ursynów. This affords a fine view of Warsaw's skyline as a backdrop to the aircraft on final approach. In the foreground, the more rural construction of Dawidy. Below: a Ryanair Boeing 737-800 comes in to land.

Jeziorki is a great place to live, rus in suburbe, countryside in the suburbs, yet well connected by public transport with the city and by air with the outside world.

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