Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The fast and the slow

Two days ago, Czester the first born had opened his eyes. As of this evening, Bonus the last born (so called because the ultrasound of their mother didn't indicate clearly whether the litter consisted of three or indeed of four kittens) is still blind. Below: Bonus with the little soul patch on his chin looks quite a sharp character, and happy with life so far.

Czester opened his eyes at the age of nine days; Bonus, born some four hours later, is still blind at the age of 11 days, 48 hours behind his oldest brother. The whole litter is roughly the same size - there's no evident runt among them - but Bonus is slower to develop at this stage (he was always the camera-shy one in early photos, happily hiding under or behind the rest of his siblings).

UPDATE: Thursday 23 May, evening - I come home to find that Bonus's eyes have finally opened; 13 days after birth, all the kittens have sight.

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