Sunday, 19 May 2013

Czester opens his eyes

After one week and two days, half of our four new-born kittens now have their eyes open. Czester the marmalade tom, the first-born, was first to gaze curiously at the world around him, followed by Izadora, the only female in the litter, the second-born. The remaining two kittens are still blind. Ears are gaining definition in all four.

A kitten needs on average three weeks to become fully sighted and hearing; it will be breast-fed by its mother for eight to 12 weeks, after which it should become fully autonomous.

Czester is a born fighter, this first portrait shows his masculine mien and his determined character. Note the claws! "Boy, you is a gennleman an' a mousecatcher!" Enjoy this wonderful 1948 episode of Tom and Jerry, when Lightning interupts the delicate equilibrium between Tom and Jerry...

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