Wednesday, 8 May 2013

More May Mleczery

While the verges and lawns are densely spattered with brightest yellow, it's time to get down. To about three inches off the ground with that absolutely splendid 10-24mm Nikkor to catch nature's splendour from ankle height.

Below: Jeziorki, ul. Karczunkowska, Trombity bus stop. Tuesday morning. It's somewhat overcast, but the dandelions are making merry.

Below: dandelions in Wyczółki, ul. Osmańska, Wednesday morning. Sunshine and heat.

Below: the central reservation, ul. Puławska, junction with Pileckiego and Poleczki. Wednesday morning rush-hour. A vivid storm of yellow assaults the eye.

Below: Wilanowska-Puławska junction, from the bus loop. A tram is just about visible in the distance.

Below: Puławska/Wilanowska junction - the verge between the road and the tram-tracks

Below: a beautiful sunny evening, though now in the shade the dandy lions haven't yet furled their leaves for the night.

The weather has been extraordinarily wonderful, with clear skies, top temperatures above 25C and warm evenings. But the Ice Saints are just around the corner...

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