Friday, 17 May 2013

Ethereal and transient

Last week the dandelions were yellow. This week they went to seed, turning into puff-balls of white. Some shots then with the lens set at f14-f16 for great depth of field, and a long exposure on 100 ISO. Passing cyclists appeared blurred, ephemeral...

Below: Al. Ujazdowskie on the corner of Ul. Piękna. Just behind the cyclist - the installation Komin by Bartosz Sandecki that's been standing here since February.

Below: Al. Ujazdowskie around the junction with Al. Róż. Another cyclist rushes by.

Below: Al. Ujazdowskie by Pl. Na Rozdrożu.

Below: ul. Poleczki, Poleczki business park. A similar scene; dandelions, blurred cyclist.

The transience of the daffodil - yellow one week, a white puff-ball of seed the next. Yet looking more permanent that the cyclists hurrying by.

This time last year:
Wrocław railway station before the Euro football championships

This time two years ago:
By tram to Boernerowo

This time four years ago:
Food-Industrial Shop, rural USA or Poland

This time six years ago:
Twilight time, Jeziorki

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