Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Klimat change

As spring begins to explode around us, the sunshine's warming rays transform my life. After six months in which greyness and damp have dominated, strong sunshine and a cloudless blue sky affect the way I see the world. Shape comes alive, vivid colours emerge from the depth of field in sharp focus, and I take greatly more pleasure in the converging rays of light that make it to my brain.

Sights that were commonplace, that I walked by, suddenly demand my attention; visions become timeless and transcendent. Ealing's different under a crystal blue sky.

Ealing, the Old Country, my home where I am from. On the Sunny Side of the Street.

My favourite time of year - whenever the sun is out, it behoves us to make the most of it, to drink in its rays. It's different in high summer, but right now I feel that the sunlight is precious, and does us good physically, psychologically and spiritually.

It'll be a short while before trees are fully in leaf; the week after the Ice Saints is the most beautiful of the year; cherish this time. The spring is still quite fragile, late frosts are still a possibility; a greater likelihood is, however, a return to dullness, damp and overcast days.

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