Monday, 30 April 2018

Weather-wise, the best April ever?

This is an exaggerated stereotype - the way the Polish climate can change from snow and frost to t-shirt weather in a week. Let's compare today, 30 April (below right) with 30 March (below left).

Today, as London shivered (6C), Warsaw enjoyed nothing but the bluest of blue skies and 30C of heat. I can't remember such a sunny April ever. The Polish met office has declared this the hottest April ever recorded as nature exploded into life at an amazingly rapid pace. Today, I feel my face slightly sunburnt; a two-hour walk around midday did it for me. I can't ever remember being sunburnt in April before! It is as though summer has arrived seven weeks early this year.

Below: across the tracks, a field of rapeseed turns bright yellow.

There's been much ploughing going on around Jeziorki (long may it continue!) Here on ul. Dawidowska, the plough has come right up to the fence. In the distance, houses along ul. Trombity, and on the horizon, the chimneys of Siekierki.

Below: two red flowers (not poppies - tulips?) and cherry blossom on ul. Kórnicka; 22 April.

Below: Chynów, two days earlier; perfect skies.

Below: Jakubowiza on Saturday. Apple orchards in full bloom!

Below: back to Jeziorki, today... a new pedestrian crossing was delivered to us on the junction of ul. Karczunkowska and ul. Pozytywki. Guys were painting it yesterday; this morning it was fully in use. Waiting now for the two new bus stops - one across the road, and one behind me. Note speed limits: 50km/h on Karczunkowska and 30km/h on Pozytywki. Abide by them! Especially when there are pedestrians about!

Cause and effect, what goes up must come down etc. I force myself to remember that on the morning of 4 May 2011, there was snow on the ground, minimum temperature 0.6C (this morning's minimum was 16C!). And in two weeks' time the Ice Saints (Servacy, Bonifacy and Pankracy) might visit, followed by Zimna Zośka on 15 May. We shall see!

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student SGH said...

This year the Ice Saints might not come at all or might just gently touch us with cooler weather, but not with frost (good for farmers and gerdeners).

Checked the weather records - in Warsaw average temperature in April 2018 was +13.0C, but beware, my database, downloaded several years ago from NASA website (and perfectly squaring with IMGW figures for years after 1980) tells me April 1920 was 0.5 Celsius degree warmer!

Good to see Jakubowizna in charms of spring. The memories of the place I bring back contain only -10C and chilly wind...

adthelad said...

Weirdest thing is that chestnut trees are already in full bloom :o

Michael Dembinski said...

@ student sgh:

Thank you so much! April 1920 beat April 2018 - ever so slightly reassuring!

@ adthelad:

Yes, now you mention it - very unusual!