Friday, 27 April 2018

Working week in town in photos

A very reasonable week weather-wise for the time of year. Below: looking up ul. Emilii Plater towards the Cosmopolitan building, with the InterContinental hotel and Warsaw Financial Centre to the left. Trees now fully in leaf.

Below: many people's first view of Warsaw, emerging from the W-wa Centralna station, the Lumen building to the left, Palace of Culture looming across from the right.

Below: a pair of 1960s Jelcz 043 ogórki ('gherkins'), classic buses from the 1960s with period backdrop.

Below: here's a find - parked (abandoned?) outside the Teatr Polski on ul. Karasia - a 1960 Hillman Minx Series III. Theatrical prop or what? The car has remnants of 'CS' plate, suggesting that it spent its useful life in Czechoslovakia..

Old cars can live again... I snapped this restored and repainted body of a Porsche 356 of similar vintage (below) on ul. Świętokrzyska. The economics of doing up classic cars are simple; it costs just as much to do a bare-metal restoration of a Hillman Minx (if not more, it has four doors) as it does to work on the Porsche. Yet the Porsche will command a price ten times higher than a Minx restored to the same condition; €100,000 or thereabouts. So Minxes rot and die, Porsches live again.

Vistula sunset yeah!

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