Saturday, 14 April 2018

Blossoms and pylons

This is the season; oh that it would stay like this, at the start of blossom time, transient yet transcendent, my local walk transformed, mouth gaping wide with wonder.

The great state of Mississippi, 1930s, transported to the edge of Warsaw.

Below: the pond on ul. Pozytywki, corner of ul. Cymbalistów.

Below: the garden suddenly starts to look good.

Below: further along ul. Trombity

Below: how did that get up there? An excavator on a hill of sandy soil, between Biedronka and the railway tracks.

Below: taken from the top of another hill of soil made by builders, this year's Ballast Mountain, a good vantage point to see the coal trains.

Below: blossoms outside my office, the PASTa building to the right.

This time year:
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