Sunday, 8 April 2007

The 'Elektryczka' or 'Osóbka'

Most frequently seen train between Warszawa Jeziorki and Warsaw Central is the Warszawa Wschodnia - Radom all stations, which is served by EN57 electric multiple units (EMUs). They come in a number of colour schemes, which makes them interesting. Here's a blue-and-yellow 'osóbka' three-car unit, heading to Warsaw from Radom.

Encouragingly, graffiti has been removed from nearly all trains, many have been refitted (they used to be in a ghastly state). Once they would trundle about with the doors stuck in the open position, with one out of six neon lights working to dimly illuminate the compartments, drunks lolling about and seat upholstery ripped or reeking of urine.

Things are generally better today. In their new green, white and yellow Regional Railways livery (Koleje Mazowieckie, below), the EN57s look much more inviting for tourists wishing to travel around Mazowsze by train.

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