Saturday, 28 April 2007


"Are you thinking of returning to London?"

"Are you in Poland for good?"
Answers to these frequently asked questions are, respectively, "No" and "Yes".

Poland might be a long way from being the perfect place to live, but its moving in the right direction. It's getting better, year by year. The country and its people are becoming more self-confident.

Britain, on the other hand, is in decline. Every trip I make to London confirms this view.

UPDATE APRIL 2011. Four years on, and one global recession later, I'm even more convinced that what I wrote here is absolutely correct

UPDATE APRIL 2016. Eight years on, Poland has an unelected autocratic ruler hell-bent on demolishing the nation's advances of the past quarter century. He will fail. Poland abides. I might be spending more time in London with my 93 year-old father, but my long-term future remains in Poland.

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Paddy said...

Having decided to come for a couple of years at best, everything I see and have experienced is pushing in me in the same direction. Life here is good.