Monday, 2 April 2007


Right: The wetlands between the far end of ul. Trombity, ul. Dumki and ul. Kórnicka. A rare natural environment within the city limits of the capital of the EU's sixth-largest member state. Local residents toss bottles, old furniture, household waste and old building materials out on this land. It needs to be protected.

Across Jeziorki runs a network of drainage ditches which take water off the fields and channels it down towards the marshes. This is the lowest-lying land in the neighbourhood. The wetlands are all less than 99m above sea level; the southern end of ul. Trombity, where we live, is at least four metres higher.

Today, Monday 2 April 2007. Another cloudless day. Since the beginning of spring, Warsaw's had 118 hours of sunshine (broken only by two overcast hours on Saturday 31 March). Are we in for another long, dry summer?

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