Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Jeziorki in Google Earth

For all you Google Earth users, here's a satellite snapshot of the Jeziorki area. Ul. Trombity is marked in yellow. Incidentally, a trombita is a type of Polish alpenhorn, used by highland folk to communicate from one mountainside to another. Many streets round this area are named after musical instruments and dances, while on the other side of ul. Pulawska (the main thoroughfare running down the right-hand side of the screenshot), streets are named after birds. Note latitude and longitude coordinates in the bottom left corner.

Immediately visible from the picture is the agricultural nature of Jeriorki, with a patchwork of narrow arable fields interspersed with clusters of new housing development.

The Google Earth image was taken in early spring 2002; our house is shown but the garden is bare soil (it was planted in the summer).

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