Monday, 16 April 2007

Towards the 'Rampa'

Looking down a narrow strip field running parallel to ul. Nawlocka, an unpaved street at right angles from ul. Trombity, towards the rampa na kruszywo, an aggregate ramp, where trains carrying gravel, sand and aggregate dump their loads. Trucks turn up to transport the stuff to building sites across Warsaw. The ramp is visible in the distance, rising 12.5 metres above ground level.

Here's the ramp looking north towards ul. Trombity. The main railway line is to the left of this picture. There's empty space beween the sleepers, allowing aggregate to tumble out of the hopper wagons and into heaps on the ground below, from which it's loaded onto trucks.
There's an extensive set of sidings, dating back to the time when the ramp was in regular use. Today, trains visit the ramp once a month or less.

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