Sunday, 15 April 2007

Warsaw weather patterns

In 2005, Warsaw enjoyed over 2,250 hours of sunshine. It's not a city usually associated with fine weather, but should be. Weather patterns are quite unlike those that affect the UK. "Sunshine and showers" are a rarity. What we get more often are periods of stable weather punctuated with several days of cloud and rain. Since the start of spring 2007, Warsaw's had ten days of unbroken sunshine followed by six days of generally cold and damp weather, followed by four days of unbroken sunshine.

Weather stability makes for mood stability. There's nothing more uplifting than a sunny day, sunny from dawn till dusk. In winter, crisp cold days with blue skies over white fields and trees covered in frost, are just as beautiful as gloriously sunny days in May or June.

Still, the farmers need the rain, our lawn needs the rain. But compared to damp Manchester, where moss grows on Victorian stone, or generally overcast London, Warsaw is climatically superior. And - records show - Warsaw is sunnier than most other Polish cities.

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