Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Same old same old on ul. Poloneza

The bridge was meant to have been ready in December 2010. It still isn't; minor finishing-off work is still needed (to my eye a final lick of asphalt and some road marking). The four-lane viaduct carrying ul Poloneza (nothing more than a dirt-track at its northern and southern ends, but a splendid piece of engineering as it crosses over the way-past-its-deadline S2) is still officially closed to traffic.

Below: the builders have thrown up a rampart of earth and rubble to stop cars from driving onto the 99.9% ready bridge. They are not working to complete it, but in the meantime will not let anyone use it. The alternative, as I have repeatedly written, is a 2.3km detour, having to drive through a far busier building site than this one. This situation hasn't changed in ten months!

Below: this is not stopping determined drivers from skirting round it. Although I heard the sound of the front spoiler on this Opel Astra scraping the hardened ground most horribly. A detour only for four-wheel drives, I fear.

Right: access to ul. Gawota (in the distance) is blocked by two concrete road blocks. For residents and their visitors, this must be utterly galling.The bridge that would connect them to ul. Krasnowolska tantalises them with its almost-readiness. And yet, dog-in-the-manger style (pies ogrodnika in Polish) the builders that are not finishing the bridge are simultaneously not letting locals use it. Most frustrating.

Below: looking south towards Jeziorki. At the bottom of the ramp, the asphalt stops, and ul. Poloneza becomes a dirt-track once more. Warsaw's highways authority, ZDM, has not thought this one through. For a fraction of the cost of this four-lane bridge, ZDM could have asphalted the whole of ul. Poloneza, all the way from ul. Jeziorki to Platan Park.

When will it be ready? No rush. Although the pace of work along the S2/S79 has accelerated, the whole project is unlikely to be completed until the end of next year; I guess Poloneza will wait that long too.

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White Horse Pilgrim said...

What would happen if local people dragged the concrete barriers out of the way and removed a bit of the rubble barrier?