Tuesday, 11 September 2012

One for the record

Today,Tuesday 11 September 2012, temperatures reached 30C. The air-conditioning on public transport could barely cope. Below: Al. Jerozolimskie looking more like Buenos Aires or Beirut than the capital of a country associated with polar bears running around in the streets.

Early evening, the heat's still merciless. Foolishly, I took a jacket to work and spent the day carrying it around. I read in today's Gazeta Stołeczna (some of it sadly behind a pay-wall) that the water level in the Vistula has fallen to the lowest since records began in 1799 (58cm) and that interesting historical objects have started to appear from out of the waters... Below: P+R Al. Krakowskie tram stop. Until this time last year, Okęcie - which is what it is. A LOT Boeing 737 comes in to land.

Below: it's sunset at ten past seven. Still hot, but in a curious way; this is September heat - not the same as midsummer heat. Somehow more treacherous... by midnight, it will still be over 20C. Tomorrow, heavy rain's expected.

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The half-closed airport

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My own Polish Adlestrop

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Laurie Anderson's chillingly prescient 'O Superman'


Paddy said...

I can access some (wonderful) photos here http://warszawa.gazeta.pl/warszawa/51,34862,12468235.html?i=6

Michael Dembinski said...

Paddy - many thanks for the link - it seems that not all of Gazeta Wyborcza is behind the Piano paywall. Some very good photos here.