Sunday, 16 September 2012

The reason Puławska's being widened

A big thanks to Marcin Daniecki for the tip-off, and for revealing what's been going on these past three weeks on ul. Puławska between the border of Warsaw and Mysiadło.

Below: driving down Puławska past Jeziorki, the road is being widened. At first I thought that this is to accommodate the sheer weight of traffic heading southbound out of town, but no - this is a slip road, which will take vehicles turning right... into what?

Below. Looking from Puławska down what looks like a brand new road, running right through the abandoned site of Eko-Mysiadło (formerly PGR-Mysiadło). What's going on here? It looks like, finally, some good town planning on the part of Gmina Lesznowola, the local authority. What will the new road be called? There's no sign of it on Lesznowola's spatial planning maps... (download the eastern part here - it takes some time, large file).

Below: looking back towards ul. Puławska - three new street lights have appeared in the past few days. The pace of work, looking at the photos that Marcin sent me taken from 3 to 9 September, is brisk. Good news.

Below: the old internal road serving the hundreds of greenhouses is being ripped up. It was made of concrete panels laid onto the soil; these are being removed. The new road will be built according to modern road-building norms, with storm drains, kerb-stones, pavements and asphalt. On this photo, you can just make out cranes on the horizon.

Below: a closer look at the new sports and education centre being built on the edges of Mysiadło. This, presumably, is where the new road will be heading.

In the meanwhile, the huge terrains of the former Eko-Mysiadło to the west of Puławska have been opened up, the fence removed. Anyone can walk, cycle or drive in. For off-road enthusiasts, this is a great playground. And indeed, last weekend there was a off-road motorbike race held here.

Above: full throttle along the unmade new road. Below: two Jeeps heading back to the asphalt of ul. Puławska after testing their suspension on the bumps and ditches of the old Eko-Mysiadło site. Both photos by Marcin Daniecki - many thanks!

This land has been earmarked for scientific and technological use (see this article in Polish). It looks like the local authority has got things the right way round. Build the roads, and the investors will be tempted. Yet there are things not yet sorted, not least the S79 Puławska bis that will link Węzeł Lotnisko with the S7 somewhere south of Lesznowola. And there doesn't yet seem to be any action on the other side of Puławska.

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Anonymous said...

Michael - informative post as always.

Maybe they should send those concrete panels to finish the Pulawska link to the airport. Also, whoever is running the project should be hired to run some of the ones that are stalled.