Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Up up up with the Cosmopolitan

Up it goes, bringing pride to Warsaw, the next tall residential development for the city centre. This is the Cosmopolitan building on ul. Twarda 2/4. It will grow to 44 floors/160m, and will be Warsaw's second highest residential building. It is located just a few minutes' walk from Złota 44, Warsaw's highest residential building, 52 floors/192m.

: Cosmopolitan tower, seen from the 14th floor of the Warsaw Financial Center.

Left: Looking west towards ul. Twarda down ul. Prosta. I reckon there's about eight or nine stories still to complete before the Cosmopolitan tops out.

Before long, when it gets dark at going-home time, I'll post a photo putting these two new apartment blocks into the context of the Warsaw skyline, to which they contribute hugely. I'd like to see more. far more tall skyscrapers rising up from the centre of Warsaw!

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