Sunday, 9 March 2008

Approaching spring getting ever nearer

The pace of spring's onset is accelerating. Sights not visible a few days ago are now becoming commonplace. Despite the light overcast, today's warmer than yesterday (+11.3C max). Today I set off with Moni along the unadopted land that lies between ul. Trombity and ul. Dumki to find the frog pond we visited shortly after moving to Jeziorki six years ago. The pond has since dried up, whether this is more efficient drainage, side-effects of new building or global warming I'd not like to speculate on. (Left:) Willows are all in flower, catkins - a symbol of Easter in Poland - are now appearing everywhere.

Frogs - Moni spotted a couple today, the first ones of the year. She's very observant, besides the frogs, she also spotted an old perfume bottle (once washed, it will end up in my objets trouves cabinet), and a Czechoslovakian imitation Swiss Army knife.

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