Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Spring, what spring?

We emerged onto al. Niepodległości amid a dense flurry of snowflakes. It was like a Hollywood Christmas - but without the merry crowds hurrying along with their gaily-wrapped presents and seasonal greetings. Sleet and wet snow made the pavements treacherous. But what happened to spring? This time last week it was +15C in Łódź - beautifully sunny - and today this. We're getting close to Equinox, today is 11 hours 58 minutes long. Easter is around the corner. But spring feels like an eternity away. The cold is expected to last all week. On Friday morning we fly to the UK for Easter - will our flight be delayed because of weather? What will the weather be like in England?

Below: View from Moni's window, Wednesday morning, 19 March. Spring still feels like an eternity away.

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