Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Six weeks into Lent

Forty-two days gone, four to go... Weight down to at 11 st 4lbs/72kg. Body Mass Index 22.7 (comfortably within limits of healthy weight for adult). Sit-ups now up to 120 per day (two lots of 60). One whole inch off trimmed off the stomach. Moni comments that my Lent has been more about me and less about God. I fear she may be right - too much self-centred focus on diet, strenghtening the Will, cleansing the body, getting fit - and not enough about the spiritual side of Lent. There's always next year - my 18th Lent in a row.

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Anonymous said...

A very perceptive comment by your daughter. Self must be obliterated at this time as Christ obliterated himself for the sake of the world. Lent is about embracing emptiness and the void so that it can be filled with spiritual nourishment through suffering and deepest meditation. Less about lists and more about the absence of lists. The grandest opportunity for faith and renewal and rebirth is within your grasp. The light of the world shall soon shine again, this Sunday. Those who have faith shall witness it.

Frater Cornucopius Null