Saturday, 8 March 2008

Ul. Karnawał and the Metro's link to the world

A single track heads off from the sidings by ul. Zatorze. This is the line that joins the Warsaw Metro to Europe's rail network. The line crosses ul. Karnawał (above), ul. Hołubcowa, ul. Oberka and ul. Poloneza (all level crossings), before bridging ul. Puławska, then disappearing into the Las Kabacki forest, and then entering the Metro Depot at Kabaty. The line is extremely rarely used (I've seen just two works railcars on this line in over ten years living in the area). Over this line has travelled all all the rolling stock in use on the Warsaw Metro today. The line also forms the border between Jeziorki to the south and Grabów to the north.

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Anonymous said...

They should figure out how to adapt these to a light rail system to get from the outlying areas to the metro and to the center. It would open much more land for residential development and hopefully for some drive the cost of a plot of land down a bit.