Sunday, 16 March 2008

Digging up Dawidowska

Nearly half a year has gone by since the diggers moved in to start connecting ul. Nawłocka, ul. Orfeusza, ul. Achillesa, ul. Buszczyka and ul. Dawidowska to the town drains. Progress has been painfully slow. Since last week, this trench has been extended about 30 yards (25 metres). For the normal pedestrian, access from ul. Buszczyka to ul. Nawłocka has been entirely cut off - unless you don't mind scaling mountains of soil or clambering over the digger.

But the inconvenience is worth it. Our szambo (septic tank) emptying bill is now around 80 quid a month. There's still no official confirmation that our end of ul Trombity will be next for hooking up with the drainage system that runs down ul. Karczunkowska.

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