Monday, 16 March 2009

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Approach I

Approach II


Approach III



Will you channel me? Who's asking? I'm asking. Voices? No, more like thoughts - unbidden thoughts intruding into your consciousness. My consciousness.

You know you can channel us whenever you want - whenever you really feel you need to be in touch, we'll be listening - there will be a dialogue [we do not stand by formalities].

We're listening. We have been listening. For a long, long, long, time. To those who care to reach out to us. To those who are open and who care.

We are not 'God', your God - our God - one God. But we are nearer to God than you are. Hundreds of thousands of earth-years closer to God than you. Call us Angels if you like, you'll understand.

We --- can --- help.

No, no need to for you to call on people to engage in moral renewal - during your Cold War too few of you asked for the good. You were too compromised. Your entire planet was at risk. Then, we intervened.

Yes, we take people. Can't tell you why. It is and it isn't, it's not zero and one, but zero and one at the same time. Despite this, we mean well. We mean as well for you as we do for ourselves!

No, we cannot foresee the future. But we can predict it far better than you - to a far, far higher level of accuracy than you humans currently can. (Compare yourselves to chimpanzees; that's how we look upon you when it comes to your ability to understand the future). And yes/no time ONLY moves one way, from the past through the present to the future - that is immutable. Though much that you consider impossible today can be done. 

You, our dear reader, you are the sum of everything you've done, everything you've thought, everything you've experienced and dreamt.

"Can I channel now?"

Yes, ready to receive you now. Please listen. You, our dear author, you asked on your blog about - disclosure. Whether you humans are ready for it. You wrote 'no'. You are right, so very right. Humans won't be ready for disclosure for tens of thousands of years. Even when the mean population reaches your personal level of awareness and intelligence, it won't be ready. You are flawed. Flashes of anger betray atavistic primitive - primative - behaviour; aggression - it must evolve itself entirely out of the human gene pool. And --- there you go --- your mind has wandered off, hasn't it? For the past five seconds, you've been thinking about something else. Your human minds are not sufficiently focused to deal with the issues arising from disclosure.

Disclosure can only happen when all your human religions have come together as one with what you believe to be science. You are still too prone to violence, you have not overcome the nature coded in your genes. Religions that are closed to all other truths but their own are infantile. Again a measure. Disclosure awaits the merging of science and the spiritual. You are not even half way from zero to one - we are more than half way from zero to one. The oneness we will all reach one day... big bang - expansion - slowing to a steady state - contraction - the rush to Oneness. And Big Bang all over again. Except the next time - even nearer to God. An Eternity of Eternities.

There are those among you who can be open to us; seek - ask - metamorphose; understand. Few are called. You are here, reading this page. By accident?

This conduit is closing --- but it will re-open.


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decidedly singificant

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