Saturday, 7 March 2009

Trackside views, Mysiadło

PKP plans to build a new station between W-wa Jeziorki and Nowa Iwiczna, to serve residents of the new estates springing up on either side of the tracks. Above: a rake of oil cisterns leased from GATX heads north towards Okęcie. Are they empty or full? Anyone know about movements of cisterns along the coal line?

I'd guess the new station will be built somewhere around here. To the right, first signs that yet another housing estate (small, 12-20 houses, I'd guess) will arise. Below: This is where the sidings from the main line to the rampa na kruszywa was. The pointsman's hut in the middle distance is also being demolished. Work on the rampa site seems to have slowed down.

Right: Work on the rampa site. The access road has been hardened and awaits asphalt, meanwhile, I can't make out what's going on here. It could be old pipes being cut up for scrap, or new pipes being laid. But what for? Gas pipes? Water? Anyone from the construction sector have an idea as to what's going on in this scene?

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