Sunday, 29 March 2009

Forward go the clocks

A month too late, I reckon. Why is it that we set the clocks back on the last weekend of October - less than two months before the winter solstice, and set them forward again on the last weekend of March - more than three months after the winter solstice?

Does anyone else agree that the changes from summer to winter time and back again should be symmetrical? By mid-March, the sun is rising very early (half past five on the spring equinox on 20 March), but we could really all do with that extra hour of evening daylight.

Plus - in this day of climate change worry - surely if the Northern Hemisphere were to use one hour less of electric lighting for four whole weeks, that would make an immense difference to carbon dioxide emissions. Not to mention the money everyone would save.

Having the clocks go forward on the last weekend of February would make March in the northern hemisphere brighter and happier.

This time last year:
Griping about the same thing


dave said...

yeah, the americans (and canadians, i think) move their clocks forward early in march.

Bartek Usniacki said...

I do totally agree - we underutilise the daylight, however my view is a bit different, my reflections on it are placed on my blog