Sunday, 1 March 2009

Sublime sunset, Jeziorki

Once again I find my mood lifted to a state of elation by the beauty of a Jeziorki sunset in winter. Walking back from the airport (see post below), I take the back road home along ul. Dumki. The last rays of the sun catch the tall birch trees against a pure cloudless sky.

What remains of last week's snow sets icy as the temperature falls back below zero. The warmth of the day radiates up into the clear sky. Apart from a few individuals walking their dogs, there's no one around, Jeziorki offers tranquility and solitude. This for me is the epitome of the sublime aesthetic.

Silver birches look particularly beautiful at dusk, when the glow of the setting sun is reflected in their bark, in contrast to the deepening blue of sky. I feel the cold; leaving home in the early afternoon, I left the quilted liner of the my field jacket behind as it would have been too warm. Now I could do with that and with some thick gloves. Below: Low sun glaring off a tin fence recently erected around a building plot.

Below: The sun going down over the reed beds towards the far end of ul. Dumki backlights rushes in the wetlands. In the background, houses on ul. Trombity.

This time last year:
Sun rises before alarm clock goes off

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