Tuesday, 3 March 2009

A week into Lent

Quoting from my post at the end of the first week of Lent last year:

"Seven days gone, 39 to go... Living without alcohol is no problem. Caffeine withdrawal symptoms are still with me - a light headache that lingers for much of the day. Should go by Day 10. A meat-free diet is a doddle..."

Well, those exact same words apply this time round. This year, however, I've not given up fish. Last year's strict vegan diet was over the top; I felt fatigued. Fish is good for the brain (the Omega 3 oils), and a good source of protein, I'm feeling healthier as a result. I'm eating tons of fruit - ensuring I do at least my five a day. Seedless green grapes, kiwi fruit, apple, banana, citrus.

"Sit ups - started with a modest 15, up to 60 today (two lots of 30)." That's the same number I did today (60), though I'm also doing press ups from the very beginning of Lent (two lots of 12 today).

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