Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Autumn evening, central Warsaw

Gone are the days of cycling to work - until April 2010. The nights draw in, we go from one-layer mornings to three-layer ones; an overcoat was needed today. And although today was sunny, the likelihood of cold showers increases.

Driving or taking the bus down ul. Puławska is totally unbearable these days. So commute options are two: 1) Drive to Platan Park for morning meeting, then Park'n'Ride (Metro then bus to office), or 2) walk to W-wa Jeziorki and take Koleje Mazowieckie train to Powiśle.

Today I took the train. Top: Al. Jerozolimskie from outside W-wa Powiśle station, looking west. In the distance, on the horizon, the Novotel and Marriott hotels.


student SGH said...

You're right - communing is much worse than before long vacation. It seems that traffic density on Puławska is twenty per cent higher than in the spring, but I haven't ridden a really crowded bus this month. The mere thought of a bus lane on Puławska is horrifying - buses wouldn't run much faster (several traffic lights and stops slow them down) but the cars would be stuck. Drivers in Nowa Iwiczna and Mysiadło already form an opposition against the bus lane - they're determined not to give up their cars.
Anyway things will look much worse when the works on junction Puławska next to metro link line begin...

My own remedy for commuting is the morning three kilometres walk to Karczunkowska stop and then sitting back in the empty 319 bus.

Bartek (under a new nickname)

Paddy said...

Oh come on Bartek - buses would run faster with a bus lane! It would also give great joy to see all those persons in their chained beasts watching you sail by. It needs to be done and not just on Pulawska, either.